Hudson Milk......Home Delivery ..Glass Bottled Milk and So Much More!

When Tom and Therese Rubino started this business, their keen interest in the origins of our food supply and a passion to protect the environment were highlighted by memories of Tom's father running a butcher shop in Manhattan. As a young boy, Tom could see how valuable it was to create good relationships with customers while offering top-quality products delivered with personal service. Now Tom and Therese are proud that the next generation of the family, Tom Jr. has joined them with the same enthusiasm, work ethic, and zeal to offer their customers quality service. We are proud of being a small, family-owned and operated, interpersonal business, and to know our customers by their first names. It was the good old-fashioned way to do business when we started and it is still that way today.

Our products are sourced from local farms so that we can be sure about the origins and the quality of food we offer.

We strive to be an integral part of the community by supporting local farms and we are grateful that we have accomplished the original objectives of The Hudson Milk Co. by creating an honest, forthright, and friendly business, which continues to grow weekly, mostly by word-of-mouth from our satisfied customers.

Hudson Milk Company is licensed with the New York State and Connecticut Departments of Agriculture and Markets.

How our home delivery service works:
After you register you will be contacted by someone from our office to let you know what day we deliver to your area.
We prefer that customers set a standard, recurring weekly order so we can be sure we have ample supply.
Please make sure your house number is visible for our drivers to find you and you leave a cooler, visible from the front of the house, large enough for your order to fit.  If you do not have a cooler you can purchase an insulated milk box.
We will deliver to your house between 1AM and 7AM.  Please be aware if you have dogs they may become startled and bark.  You may want to consider leaving your milk box somewhere where the dogs will not be disturbed by us.
Please let us know if you have a driveway that might be difficult for a large truck to gain access.